Why did we choose our name?

Because these 5 define us!

Our business is a typical American story.  Man goes to college, gets a couple degrees, gets jobs in his field, life goes on.  Then, one day man looses said job and questions whether he wants to go back into said field that said college degree got him in to!  Yeah, sounds like a story, right?  That's our story and that's where 5 Boys and a Dog's story starts!

Now, on to the name.  What a weird name for a business huh?  Well, everything we read while looking at this process told us to name our business something that was defining and something that had a meaning.  That is why we chose the name because it couldn't mean more to us and our success.  Success means that these 5 boys eat dinner and keep a roof over their heads.

These 5 boys are our 5 boys and are our reasons and drive.  We will work hard to bring you the best products, services and experiences that we can, with one goal in mind.  The ultimate success of these 5 boys.

Please, take a look at the map and come see us.  We can't wait to shake your hand, and get you the best gull durn hot dog or sausage you've ever eaten!  

So Who Are We, Then?

We're just a typical mom and dad, who want a better future for their kids.  Me, I am John.  Just an old Spokanite who got stranded in the corporate world a decade ago, and through an odd adventure of mishaps, has finally found my way out.

My wife is Marlena.  She is the lifeblood of this whole thing.  While I was, one evening, on Indeed looking to put in yet another resume, she came in, sat on the fireplace hearth, and says 'I have an idea'.  Without her, there would be no me, no 5 boys, and certainly no 'and a dog'.

So, this is us.  This is 5 boys (plus two adult pretending we know what we're doing) and a dog, and our mission is to give you the very best thing you can eat on a bun.  Come see us, shake our hands and listen to our story, because we'll be happy to hear yours, and eat a good old fashioned hot dog!

Our Mission!

Our mission is to bring back that feeling you got when you were a kid, and you were in the backyard grilling those dogs with your mom and dad, or maybe that time grandpa took you to a baseball game, and you had that delicious grilled dog you thought you could only get in a stadium.  Maybe it was a first date with your wife, or a day at the lake with the kids.  Whatever it is, we all have a memory of that perfect day, and often times it includes eating a hot dog with someone important.

We want you to come see us, try a dog and a drink and immediately have the subtle feeling of contentment you get from the vague though of that memory.  Come see us!  We want to be a part of your happy place!